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If you want to get the most out of your aircraft, or even if you are trying to decide what aircraft to buy, build, or perhaps are still designing, you can benefit from understanding something about Aerodynamic Drag and how it affects performance and cost.

While in early March 2000, the average US price was $2.12, at present it is $2.50 per gallon in quite a few states. Every increase makes it more important to know where your gas money is going. (See for the scoop on prices.)

Our newly published book should help:

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The Cost* of Your Airplane's Parasite Drag
(*as in what you pay at the pump)

As an airplane owner and pilot, perhaps you'd like to have a better understanding of your airplane's parasite drag. You pay for it, so you might as well know what you are paying for. Your airplane's total drag determines the horsepower required; a high-drag airplane wastes horsepower, and therefore wastes fuel and your fuel dollars.

This book looks into the causes and effects of your airplane's parasite drag.

  • What it is and where it is on your airplane.
  • What it does to your airplane's cruise speed.
  • What it may be costing you at the pump.

The book also looks into the double Safety Factor of reduced drag:

  1. Increased safety during take-off and climb-out, and
  2. Increased gliding time and distance during an emergency power-off glide.

As a special bonus, an extra Drag Reduction SUPPLEMENT is now enclosed with each book.

This book makes one thing clear:

Drag is your airplane's Number One enemy.


See the:

8.5 x 11 in. size, 160 pages.

23 photographs, taken by the author himself.

Soft Cover - perfect bound - professionally printed

Author: Harmen Koffeman

What it will do for you:

  1. It shows you what your airplane's drag may be costing you.
  2. It shows you where your airplane's drag comes from (or: what causes the drag ...).
  3. It shows you where to look for things and places where you could readily decrease and/or minimize your airplane's drag.
  4. It shows you the savings in flying time and fuel expenses possible from drag reduction.
  5. It shows how drag reduction will increase your airplane's climb-out rate and the improvement in power-off gliding time and distance.

Whom was it written for? You! Aircraft owners, pilots, builders, designers, or soon-to-be airplane people.

Should I buy it? If it gives you an insight into your aircraft's performance and how to improve its performance, you'll find it very worthwhile.

What if I buy it and then don't think it is as good as it sounds? There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

As a special bonus, an extra Drag Reduction SUPPLEMENT is now enclosed with each book.

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