The Cost* of Your Airplane's Parasite Drag

(*as in what You pay at the pump)

And the Advantages of Airplane Drag Reduction

Some Points of Interest to General Aviation

Airplane Owners and Pilots.

While this book is of greatest interest to professional and business owners/pilots using their airplane for their work, parasite drag concerns every pilot. Whenever you take off, wherever you go, your airplane's drag always goes along.

The book shows you:


For each of its main assemblies, plus trim-, slipstream-, and interference drag, it shows in one chapter how and where the drag is created, and in the next what it may be costing you.

Using four airplanes as examples, the book shows what the range of drag may be in percentages of total airplane drag, and the cost for this range of drag.

In Section Two the book deals with the horsepower, time, and money-saving possibilities of drag reduction, while Section Three explains its safety aspects.

In the back are eleven tables showing you how to work out for your airplane the probable range of cost of its parasite drag. There's full information for you on our web site.

The book is 8.5 x 11 in., 160 pages, softbound.

It can be ordered from AERODRAG PUBLISHING, 61 Richwill Road, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L9C 1S2 for US$29.95 , plus $4.00. for postage and handling.