Drag and Cost Calculator

Using the Drag nd Cost Calculator

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The first time you come a page like this, you will get transferred to the Sun Microsystems Java Runtime Environment download pages.

  1. Choose either the U.S. English or the International version. We recommend the "one large bundle" option because it is simpler to get it installed.
  2. Accept the license agreement (there is no charge for this at all, and Sun Microsystems is a trustworthy company)
  3. You will then come to a page where you can select a download source. Choose one based on where you are, or take either the first or the last one if you have any trouble deciding.
  4. A window will open with a choice to Open or Save. We recommend the "Open this file from its current location" if you haven't done things like this before.
  5. You will also probably get a Security Warning window. This is normal. Since Sun Microsystems is not trying to do anything tricky with this download, you can say "Yes" that you want to download.
  6. You will probably need to wait up to15 minutes for the download.
  7. It will go through an installation process, and will ask you to approve of a directory. You can almost always just approve of the one it has ready. Go through the steps it shows you.

When the Java Runtime Environment has been installed, you will probably need to Refresh this page to see the calculator, or go back to the main page and come back to this one again.


If you have difficulties: support@aerodrag.com